Mr. October – a paltry first showing

In October, I pitched in two games for a men’s league. My command was terrible at worst, and erratic at best. I was falling behind batters left and right–relying on my fastball exclusively, since I couldn’t get ahead of anybody.

The first game, I pitched two innings. In the first inning, I struck out two guys, walked one, beaned one, and gave up two runs. Nerves, I thought. The second inning, I was even more wild and four or five more runs scored.

The second game wasn’t much better. I pitched five innings and felt good at times–but I was still very wild. Here is a breakdown of what I recall my pitching lines looking like.

Game 1……2…..2…..6…..4…….4…..5…..1
Game 2……5…..5…..9…..6…..10…..9…..0

I have to admit that after the second game, I was ready to throw in the towel. Most of these guys were just playing for fun, and I fit right in–a regular old joe just throwing meatballs. The only thing that was encouraging was the strikeouts (14 in 7 innings), and my teammates telling me that I had “the best stuff” of all the pitchers, and that “you throw harder than anyone in this league”. There was still a small kernal of talent, apparently. It was just hidden underneath years of disuse.

I have a long way to go, and lots of work to do. We’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping to be able to improve command through regular throwing–possibly in my basement, though I only have about 25 feet to work with.


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