What pro scouts are looking for

When I started this process, I came across this helpful discussion by Steven Ellis at TheCompletePitcher.com about pro tryouts–and what scouts are looking for.

Ellis included a graphic of this form, which is apparently the Twins scouting form.
Twins Scouting Form

I know the Twins have at least one of these forms on me from when I was in high school–and I certainly wasn’t drafted out of high school. So I must have been scoring in the 3-5 range on their forms then. In order for me to look interesting, I’ll have to be in the 7-8 range. I clearly have a lot of work to do in the next six months.

This past October, I pitched in two games in a men’s league. Based on my performance–and the fact that I haven’t thrown a baseball since November–I would currently rate very poorly in almost all baseball categories like velocity, overall control, and command–I might get higher marks for pitch movement, poise, and baseball instincts; and would look okay in the non-physical qualities like work habits and off-field habits.

Intangibles that I can control also include my eyesight–I wear glasses, but will be getting Lasik.


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