Siren songs and sub-zero jogging

So this morning I started my new daily routine. Last night, I set my alarm clock across the room and was able to roll out of bed, get dressed, and jog out the door without being seduced by the sirens calling from my bed–my pillow, sheets, and blanket were all cooing in unison, “Daniel Daniel…why don’t you start tomorrow? Come back to bed…”. Fortunately, my wife was cooing “Go jogging. And don’t wake up the kids.”

But boy was it frigid out there, and the footing was treacherous. I hope there are pitching gurus who suggest that jogging on mogul-like sidewalk ice is good for fine-twitch leg muscles.

Anyway–I’m hoping my daily routine looks like this–at least for the next two months:
5:15-5:55am–jog and stretch (home)
4:00pm-5:00pm – workout and throw (in Hope Academy basement)

We are due with our third child in March, and I can only imagine that I’ll have to get creative with my workout schedule. All I know for sure is that the sirens will be cooing much louder after being awoken 3-4 times per night by a screaming newborn.


One Response to “Siren songs and sub-zero jogging”

  1. Way to go!

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