First “Final 50” results-and next Saturday video footage

Just an FYI: I created a page for tracking the results of my final 50 pitches of each workout session, for those of you that care about how each of my lonely sessions is going.

Anyway, there’s a link on the right there, but here it is for those of you who are technically challenged:

Results of the first session were pretty poor–but that leaves room for improvement, I guess.  I hope six months is enough to sand off eleven years of rust.

Also, Grant Dawson will be joining me next Saturday for a video/velocity check session. Grant has been kind enough to film me in the past, and I think he’ll do the same again. I’ll post the video of my mechanics as well–along with the velocity of each pitch.


2 Responses to “First “Final 50” results-and next Saturday video footage”

  1. Some inspiration from the Red Sox’s diminutive (but effective) 34-year-old lefty reliever:

  2. I will run the video camera, and continue to serve as an encouraging voice. Onward, Dan!

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