Mechanics Posted by Monday–Spread the Word

This baseball experiment of mine is premised on the belief that velocity is mostly tied to excellent throwing mechanics, which I never really worked on when I was a baseball player.

As I mentioned in my last post, this Saturday I will be having my mechanics videotaped (thanks to Grant) and my velocity checked( thanks to a Jugs radar gun I’m borrowing…and again, to Grant). On the velocity side, I’m hoping to at least top 80 MPH at this point, and am hopeful that I might get back up to 84.

No matter the outcome of the velocity check, though, I know that my mechanics are a work in progress. So when I post video of my mechanics–I’ll be looking for feedback. I already have a few baseball minds planning on taking a look at the video and analyzing my mechanics in the comments section, but I would certainly invite any and all feedback.

If you know a retired professional pitcher or any baseball coaches, please forward the link of the video on to them. The only type of feedback I’d prefer not getting is of the naysayer variety, comments like “you throw like a girl”, and “you throw like someone who hasn’t pitched in eleven years” and “go back to playing softball.” I know these will be on the tips of all of your tongues. But please do restrain yourselves… for my sake.


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