Turning 32… with tendonitis

Today is my 32nd birthday. 32 is a relatively innocuous year in general. Not as momentous as 30 or 40. Due to this baseball pursuit, though, I’m sure my 32nd year will be something I remember fondly. No matter the outcome–it will certainly be the year that I go to a minor league baseball tryout (not to mention the year my third child will be born).

Regarding baseball, I’m 95% sure that I have a minor case of shoulder tendonitis. This is most likely nothing to be worried about. Last Thursday, I didn’t stretch very well before my bullpen session. I felt fine immediately afterward, but by Friday afternoon something didn’t feel right. While I was initially quite worried, some ibuprofen and a chat with my dad (a retired doctor) have me thinking it’s just a little tendonitis. So I’m taking a week off from throwing, and am focusing on fitness (which, to be honest, has been limited to jogging for 30 minutes most days).

Anyway, I’m not a doctor–but judging from this graphic of shoulder anatomy, I’m guessing that my supraspinatus tendon is mildly inflamed.

Shoulder Anatomy

I'm guessing my supraspinatus tendon is mildly inflamed


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