Never Die Wondering, or Die Knowing for Sure

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share a brief story about my wife as it relates to me pitching again.

First, you should know that my wife is a fan of me working out and getting in shape, but she is not what I would call “a believer”. From her perspective, I might theoretically be able to become a minor-league caliber pitcher in the next four months–if I didn’t have other responsibilities (like work, being a husband and father, etc.). Maybe if I quit work, left the family, and moved to Florida it would be possible–but working out 7-10 hours/week?

And she’s right: in juggling my life responsibilities, baseball would certainly qualify as a “hobby”. But the pursuit has become a family affair–and my excitement (despite little evidence of progress) and her skepticism produces a steady stream of (mostly) humorous banter in our home.

This weekend, for example, has rejuvenated my zeal for pitching. With the Olympics, a few good workouts,  evidence of healing in my shoulder, and Aaron Gleeman’s link sending my blog traffic through the roof–I’ve been excited.  Thanks to a reminder from a college friend, I’ve latched onto a saying that was plastered on our college’s weight room wall: “Never Die Wondering”.

So yesterday afternoon, I was doing a plyometrics workout in front of the Olympics–watching Apolo Ohno’s preliminary rounds–and my wife calls to ask me what I’m doing. This is the conversation as I remember it.

Wife: “What are you doing?”

Dan: “Working out in the basement and watching the Olympics.”

Wife: “How is it going?”

Dan: “Good, I’m having a great workout.”

Wife: “No, I mean with the Olympics.”

Dan: “Oh, good. Apolo Ohno advanced to the semifinals… but honey, I’m having a great workout. ‘Never Die Wondering’ you know?!”

Wife: “Sure. Instead you can ‘Die Knowing for Sure'”

Dan: “Honey! (chuckling) You don’t believe in me, do you.”

Wife: “I believe in you, I just think you’ll die knowing you were too old. But I love you honey–keep working hard.”

Dan: “Love you too.”

And I do.

And I’ll die knowing it.


2 Responses to “Never Die Wondering, or Die Knowing for Sure”

  1. Happy Valentine’s day to you too, Dan.

  2. great post. Keep at it.

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