7-10 Days of Hope

If you’ve been checking my “command/control” report you may have noticed that I haven’t thrown since February 4th. I took two weeks off to rest my sore shoulder, and then did some light throwing this past Thursday– just to see if anything seemed torn.

I’ve still got some pain–but it doesn’t seem to get worse with throwing. My hope is that this is just persistent tendonitis, but it could certainly be something worse.

I should have started this earlier, but just yesterday I began a high dose regimen of ibuprofen–600 mg four times a day–for 7-10 days. A week from Monday I will start throwing lightly again. In the meantime, I’m running and doing some leg workouts.

If it does end up that I have a comeback-ending injury, I did want you all to know that I’m already trying to get in touch with Morgan Freeman’s agent to see if he can do the voiceover for my farewell Olympics-inspired VISA commercial.

I’ve already blocked out the storyboard:

[1993 baseball video] At the age of fifteen, Dan Olson struck out 19 batters in a seven-inning game.

[1995 baseball video] At 17, he was invited to professional baseball scouting camps.

[1998 baseball video] But at 20, he walked away from the game and never looked back.

[2009 baseball video] Eleven years later, he began the comeback of a lifetime. For six months, he worked out erratically and didn’t improve much.

And then, [cut to close up of me in excruciating pain] he tore his rotator cuff.

[clip of me eating ice cream in front of the TV] But in the midst of his pain, he stayed up faithfully to watch the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Ice that shoulder, Dan.

Visa, the only card accepted at the Olympic games.”


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