47 more days; and finally on a mound…

With a busy work schedule, 21 month old twins, and a new baby due any minute, you might think that it would be impossible to find time to pitch and workout.  Last week I would have agreed with you.

Perhaps it’s stubbornness, or my tendency toward tunnel vision–but when I read of the Saint’s tryout, I realized it would be silly to not just work on this for another six or seven weeks.

So I’ve changed my workout schedule, and I’ve actually had a pretty successful week. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I woke up at 4:40am, drove over to Hope Academy and threw baseballs in the basement for about 45 minutes. Then after work on Monday I jogged and worked out, and had a good jog and workout today. Weekends have always been good times to work out–so I plan on throwing Saturday morning and working out as well.

The school where I work has an indoor/outdoor mound, and I finally set it up Thursday. I’m moving my sessions back to sixty feet, and will pitch exclusively off a mound for the next 46 days. I won’t lie to you–I’m still rusty and wild–but I’m enjoying myself, and still think I can improve enough in the next six weeks to make a respectable appearance at the Saints tryout. Depending on how this tryout goes, I’ll reevaluate whether to keep working toward the June tryouts.

By the way, you can keep up with how my command control improves from 60 feet and on a mound on my Command/Control Page.

One thing I’m planning on doing some morning next week is to film myself from the same angle as Cliff Lee in this footage of his mechanics. I’ll then see how different my mechanics are than his, and try and analyze where he’s able to generate so much more velocity than I do.

All of this, of course, will take a back seat to having a baby. Our due date is March 22nd, but my wife is at an appointment right now–and we both think it could happen this weekend. I’ll certainly let you know when that happens.


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