A weekend of (Mary) Patience

This weekend was a weekend of patiently waiting for two life-changing events.

First, we had a baby. But there was a LOT of waiting.

My wife started having contractions at 2am Saturday morning, and we were in the hospital by 10am.

Then we waited.

Saturday was a long day of laboring–and Sunday night we continued. The contractions made sleep difficult for Lucy (despite narcotics) and me (despite a laboring wife).

After waiting most of Sunday, at 5:26pm my heroic wife finally pushed out our new beautiful daughter: Mary Patience Olson (6 lbs., 14 oz.; 19 inches long).
The second life-changing event I’ve been waiting for is “The Call.”

As you all probably know by now, Joe Nathan decided yesterday to have Tommy John surgery. Before the announcement, Twins coach Ron Gardenhire was quoted as saying they might be looking “outside the organization” for a replacement.

It just seems to be a perfect fit:

Nathan is 35, I’m 32.

Nathan throws his curveball 84 mph, I have thrown a ball 84 mph.

Target Field is opening, I live three miles from Target Field.

The Twins like signing local baseball players to huge contracts, I’m a local baseball player willing to sign a huge contract.

So I’ve got my phone with me at all times, waiting for “The Call”. I don’t know if it will be Bill Smith or Ron Gardenhire–or maybe they’ll even have Hometown Joe call me up. Either way, I’m ready–but I’ve got lots of Patience.


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