Comparison to Cliff Lee’s Mechanics

Below are some stills of Cliff Lee’s mechanics from Chris O’Leary’s site, side by side with stills of me. At the very bottom you can watch both of us in slow motion. I’ve put a little commentary on the early slides. I am pleasantly surprised by my mechanics, but see lots of things Lee does that help him throw 10-15 mph faster than I do.

I look okay here at the leg lift.
Here’s where I see four clear things that Lee does that I should.

1) His back stays vertical–he’s keeping his weight back (I’m a little hunched over)

2) Loading up on his back leg–see his knee flex? I’m not loading up much.

3) Flexing his foot–this is something that helps keep ones hips closed. I’m better now than when I started, but I clearly don’t do it like Lee does.

4) Keeping his front arm strong–my front side is looking lazy.

Still some of the same issues.


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