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One more month of dreaming…

Posted in Scouting/Minor Leagues on May 9, 2010 by tccsp

After numerous discusssions with my wife and family and friends, I’ve decided that I’m going to keep my arm in shape long enough to go to a June minor league tryout. I just checked the MLB Scouting Bureau’s web site, and they’ve finally posted the tryout dates.

I am tentatively planning on driving down to Omaha, Nebraska and going to the June 12 tryout date.

For the next month, I plan on pitching to high school teams once/week, and then throwing in my back yard whenever possible. I will also stay in shape by jogging and continuing my weight workouts.

Upon reflection, what I’ve realized that becoming an excellent pitcher requires the crucible of intense competition. In one month, I simple don’t have the time to invest in this.

So I will go to the tryout hoping to throw a baseball really really fast–and I will also go as something of a baseball anthropologist, as a participant-observer. I hope to catalogue my experience on this blog.

And who knows–they just might like what I got.