Do I know this is impossible?

I’m well aware that the odds border on the impossible. When I was twenty and throwing in the low- to mid-80s, I may have had a pretty good shot at making a minor league club. But what major league organization is going to invest anything in a 32-year old who hasn’t played baseball in eleven years? There are probably dozens of 18-21 year old lefthanders throwing in the mid-80s right now

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I would love to have the chance to play professional baseball–and I am working with this as my ultimate goal.

However, barring a “Rookie”-like miracle–where I suddenly throw in the mid-90s–I realize it’s essentially a pipe-dream.

My secondary goal for the tryout is to at least hit a peak velocity of 88 MPH, and for the scouts to tell me that “if you had only given it a shot when you were twenty, we would have signed you.”


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